About me…

den-leaderblog-headshot-keithPhotography is my passion. It moves me. Makes me think. Helps me see the world more clearly. It can teach, make me sing, revive my soul, and allow me to know what I was created for.

The art of creating an image is often over emphasized by photographers and artists. I don’t take myelf too seriously, I just love beauty and capturing what I see around me. What I do with the camera is my love. Seeing something and allowing it to tell a story and make you ask a question. I hope that my images will tell you something. My goal through my work is to be honest about what I see in the world. I love the life I’ve been given and I love to share it with those around me.

Be well and let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you. I want my business and my art to serve the world around me.


Keith Peeler

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